Leader in Me Process Map

Explore the process map, which outlines professional training and development for staff during each level of implementation and the ongoing benefits of Annual Membership.

Inspiring Professional Development

Empower staff with world-class personal- and professional-development opportunities.

During the initial stages of Leader in Me implementation, all staff become united through a new leadership culture that is supported by the 5 Core Paradigms. Administrators and staff participate in training workshops for personal improvement and professional learning that provide time for reflection, renewal, and envisioning a future guaranteed to achieve results.

Learn About 5 Core Paradigms

The piece for me that made me really excited was being able to focus on it as a person and not as a teacher. I first thought about the 7 Habits for me, myself and I only. That gave me the confidence to understand the habits and then start thinking about how to teach the kids.

-Taryn Fennessy, 6th Grade Teacher at LaSalle Springs Middle School

7 Habits® 4.0

Two-Day Training | All Staff Invited

Renowned as the world’s premier personal-leadership development solution, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®: Signature Edition 4.0 aligns timeless principles of effectiveness to educators both—personally and professionally.

About the 7 Habits7 Habits 4.0 Training

Launching Leadership™

One-Day Training | All Staff Invited

Successful implementation of Leader in Me is centered around the idea that everyone can be a leader. The Launching Leadership workshop teaches staff members how to model leadership principles for their students and integrate them into school curriculum.

Launching Leadership Training

Creating Culture™

One-Day Training | All Staff Invited

A school’s culture consists of the behaviors and shared values of its people, who are showcased in the language, relationships, values, and systems within the school. The Creating Culture workshop helps staff proactively build a culture of leadership that reinforces the worth and potential of every individual.

Creating Culture Training

With Aligning Academics training, the kids now know the concept of goals – that everything flows down from the school to the grade level, to the classroom, and to themselves. This has absolutely revolutionized the way that students learn on this campus.

-Kim Cummins, Principal at Martin Petitjean Elementary

Aligning Academics™

One-Day Training | All Staff Invited

The Aligning Academics workshop prepares staff to enable students to lead their own learning. Participants are introduced to the 4 Disciplines of Execution® and learn how to apply their principles to personal, classroom, and schoolwide goals.

Aligning Academics Training

Empowering Instruction™

One-Day Training | All Staff Invited

The Empowering Instruction workshop helps staff members inspire students to lead their own learning and engage in higher-order thinking. The workshop focuses on building trusting relationships, activating student-led learning, and engaging in planning and reflection.

Empowering Instruction Training

The paradigm that every child can be a leader has changed classroom instruction. I didn’t know prior to Leader in Me that first, second, and third graders could truly self-direct their learning.

-Kim Cummins, Principal at Martin Petitjean Elementary

More Training and Development

Annual Membership provides ongoing support and resources to help Leader in Me Schools achieve sustainable results.

As a licensed Leader in Me School, administrators and staff benefit from continual one-on-one Coaching Sessions that help schools achieve measurable results. In addition, schools can select a variety of optional training workshops and targeted Coaching Sessions based on their specific needs, ensuring personalized, curated learning opportunities on every topic.

The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership™

Engage principals and lighthouse coordinators in annual leadership training.

Each year, principals and Lighthouse Coordinators meet separately in their roles at a local Community Learning Day that focuses on one of the 4 Roles of Great Leaders. Both Principals and Lighthouse Coordinator Development connect participants to a deeper understanding of Leader in Me, providing tools to put understanding into practice, and allow time to reflect on results in a cycle of continuous learning and improvement.


Principal Development

The challenges facing principals have never been greater. In addition to being instructional leaders and effective building managers, principals must keep up with ever-changing technology, federal and state standards, and rapidly changing demands on schools. But effective leadership is possible. The Principals Community provides the resources, support, connections, and learning to empower Leader in Me principals to excel.

Lighthouse Coordinator Development

Lighthouse Coordinators play an important role in achieving schoolwide goals and successfully implementing Leader in Me. Lighthouse Coordinators lead implementation plans and work closely with Leader in Me Coaches to craft effective strategies to ensure goals are not only met, but exceeded. Lighthouse Coordinator Development provides participants with the ongoing support necessary to develop skills in this essential role.

Coaching Sessions

Receive ongoing support to achieve measurable results each school year with FranklinCovey coaching.

Core Coaching Sessions are included with an Annual Membership and help align the implementation of Leader in Me to the school’s top priorities. Coaches also help schools use the Measurable-Results Assessment (MRA) to identify opportunities for continuous growth and improvement.

Learn About Coaching Sessions

Leader in Me Online Resources

Take advantage of exclusive web-based training, resources, networking, and ongoing support available to the Leader in Me School Community at www.theleaderinmeonline.org.

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